5 Questions You must Ask Your Doctor Before Taking Antidepressants

Questions You must Ask Your Doctor Before Taking Antidepressants

Anti-depressants are medicines that are prescribed to people suffering from severe depression. Even though you may feel depressed, you should go see a doctor before you start medicating yourself or asking you doctor to prescribe you medicines. Here is a list of questions you should ask your doctor if he suggests anti-depressants or if you feel you should know more about the medicines that you are taking.

1. Ask your doctor about how he has come to choose the particular anti-depressant that he has prescribed to you.

You should ask this if you had been prescribed anti-depressants before or if you had a very close relative who as success with anti-depressants. This question is important because there is a genetic component associated with the treatment for depression. There are a lot of chances you also could react favorably to the medicines that worked well with your relative.

2. Ask your doctor about the possible side effects and the serious ones that merit you calling the doctor.

Any medication will have its side effects. The same is true of anti-depressants too. Anti-depressants come in five types and each have a different reaction on your body. Ask your doctor what kind of side effects are to be expected with the anti-depressant medication you have been prescribed. The side-effects depend on your moods and also your physical condition.

3. Find out if you can take a generic medicine in place of the one your doctor has prescribed

Find out from your doctor If another generic medicine would work just as well in the place of your prescribed medicine. This is because; some insurance companies only accept generic names and not some expensive medicines.

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