5 Ways to Become more Romantic in Life

Ways to Become more Romantic in Life

How often have you heard your partner complain that you aren’t romantic enough? Agreed, life is not a fairy tale, and one is supposed to be practical about most things in life. You cannot be mushy all the time, expecting some magic or miracle to change your life for you. However, it doesn’t cause any harm to just relax once in a while, let go, and do crazy things that mean no sense but still bring a smile to your partner’s face. Here are some ways in which you can become more romantic in life.

1. Take out time for him

This is actually the first and most important step of all. It is crucial for you to take out time to spend with your partner. And that does not mean sitting next to each other on the bed while you read a book or both of you going on a drive while you check your mails and messages on the phone. It means taking out ‘quality’ time for him, such that all your attention is on him. Switch off the phone, if necessary, but make sure that all your sense are focused on him.

2. Plan surprises

Romantic endeavors are the best when they come in the form of a surprise. So make sure that you break the routine once in a while and gift him surprise match tickets, or plan a surprise holiday for the two of you. When you get into the practicalities of whether or not he’ll like it or how much does it cost or whether or not you’ll find time for the vacation, then you are killing the charm of the surprise. Just don’t think over it, book the tickets, and see how things work out on their own!

3. Say what he wants to hear

Compliment him once in a while and tell him that he is the best-looking guy in your eyes. When he’s stressed about something at work, agree with his thoughts and opinions. As his partner, you may feel the need to show him the more practical and realistic side of things. But it doesn’t matter once in a while to just be with him, agree with what he says, and then support him as he learns things through his own experiences.

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