6 Things to Know Before Dating an Introvert Guy

Things to Know Before Dating an Introvert Guy

Shy, dreamy and serious – the introverts, with their quiet charm, have a way of sweeping you off your floor. Dating an introvert is not the same as dating any normal guy; it’s like going through layers of wrapping before you finally find the gift. Here are 6 things to know before dating an introvert.

1. Reactions are sparse

Just because he looks bored, upset or uncaring, does not mean that he really is. In fact, he may be fine or even in the best of moods! With introverts, you really can’t tell. Also you need to stop asking yourself questions like “Is something wrong?” or “Is he angry?” You just need to stop feeling judged by his silence. If he is silent, he may either be in deep reflection or thinking about the best way to put forward something that he wants to say.

2. You will have to handle the talking department

When you’re with an introvert, you will mostly find yourself doing the talking or at least initiating them. In the initial days, you may have a bit of a tough time thinking about things to talk about but that will eventually get better as you start getting closer and he starts warming up to you.

3. Social events will cause uneasiness

Never leave your introvert boyfriend alone in a party. Introverts hate facing situations where they have to interact with lots of people. Social events are something that an introvert will try his best to wriggle out of. At parties of friends and family, it’s you who will have to head the conversation, tell his stories on behalf of him, tell people how you both met and talk about the fun things that happened on your last vacation.

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