6 Ways to Be Just Friends When He Wants More

 Ways to Be Just Friends When He Wants More

There could be many reasons for you to just be friends with someone when they expect more. Either you are simply not interested or you already have found your someone special. So how do you convey this to someone without breaking his heart. Here are 6 ways to tell a person that you just want to be friends when he wants more.

1. Make it clear

In a situation where you don’t like the guy but he likes you, and you don’t want to jeopardize your friendship, it is best to put things on table and be very honest with each other. Ask him if he likes you and explain to him that he is a wonderful person but you’re not looking at anything more than being just friends.

2. Avoid romantic places

When you go out make sure he is aware at all times that your hangouts should not be misconstrued as dates, and late night clubbing, private dinners, sitting by the sea should be avoided. Most certainly, you cannot go for a weekend getaway.

3.Cut down your communication one notch

If he likes you, he has perhaps got used to being around you and hearing from you. Although, best of friends may talk on a regular basis, in this case it won’t be healthy. You must avoid calling him several times in a day, and also cut down on IMs, chats and text messages. He should get it clear that you are not his girlfriend.

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