6 Fun Winter Hobbies To Take Up

Fun Winter Hobbies To Take Up

Winter is here! All you feel like doing is snuggling up in a blanket enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Although, you just cannot drag yourself outside in the chilly, cold, snowy outdoors, winter brings along fun and exciting things to do. Here are 6 fun winter hobbies that you could take up.

1. Skiing

Attach your ski runners to your boots and hit the snowy ski spots. If you don’t know how to ski, you could enroll for a short term skiing course. There are some groups which organize a 3-4 days skiing camps and the package includes meal, accommodation and coaching charges. But if you’re already an expert, all you need are boots, binding, goggles and other protective gears. You are all set for your winter sport.

2. Ice skating

There are many places where there are skating rings for both children and adults. Most parks like Grand Park or Central park have skating rings where people come to practice or learn how to ice skate. It’s an absolutely fun activity.

3. Book club

Take a leaf out of the ‘Jane Austen Book Club’. Pick your favorite author, call your friends or have an engaging reading discussion of the works of the author in rotation. You can take turns to host it in your house with coffee and appetizers.

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