4 Ways Prince George has Become a Fashion Icon

Ways Prince George has Become a Fashion Icon

Probably the most searched baby in the internet after Shiloh jolie pitt and suri cruise, prince George is also fast becoming a fashion icon. In this department he is taking after his mom, the future queen to be Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton and prince William are the most famous couple the British royal family has produced in decades and whatever Kate has been wearing has created a fashion statement and not only that sales of the clothes that she wears have been a sell out with many women wearing and wanting the same style. Lil Prince George is also following in his mama’s footsteps with women wanting to dress their babies in styles similar to his. Here are some ways in which Prince George has become a fashion icon.

1. He is the most photographed baby of late and whatever he wears becomes a sell out soon

A lot of mother over the world want to dress up their kids like Prince George and clothes in similar styles and looks have been a major sell out in his home country as well as abroad. Little Prince George has become a kind of trendsetter with his adorable smocked play suits and shoes.

2. The sailor suit that he wore got sold out within days of its debut

The cute sailor suit that he wore on his Australian tour with his parents quickly got sold out and that is testament to his already growing power as a fashion icon.

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