6 Reasons Why He Must Be Avoiding You

Reasons Why He Must Be Avoiding You

Just when you are in the exciting phase of your relationship, enjoying movies, holding hands, relishing moments of intimacy and you feel that this is the perfect place to be in, life couldn’t have been better, things start to take a turn. You feel that your partner has started avoiding you. You start speculating and your mind runs haywire. Here are 6 reasons why he must be avoiding you.

1. May be you’re not the one

This could be a possibility in a case where you have not defined your relationship. You want to see how it goes and when time comes you will assign tags to what is there between the two of you. Or you have such diverse interests and likes that he has started to feel distant and uninvolved.

2. No magic in the relationship

After being in a relationship for some time, he feels that he does not miss you when you are not around and there is something lost between the two of you. If you are still in love and he sees the magic ebbing away from your bond, you need to talk to him and see if you can make it right.

3. Fear of commitment

There are many people who are commitment phobic. Just when things are going well, he is scared that he might wreck it; perhaps he even thinks that you are moving too fast and it’s time to slow things down and see what it’s like to not interact with you as often.

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