How to Be More Attractive to Men? 6 Tips for You

How to Be More Attractive to Men? 6 Tips for You

You are beautiful! Even if you do not know that! There are so many things that you possess that makes you attractive to him. Here are a bunch of such little things that he goes gaga over. If you know about them, work them! If you don’t, then discover them, feel good about yourself, and then work them!

1. Your eyes

Every guy loves to notice the eyes of a girl. The way they sparkle, the way they look so pretty lined in kohl or eyeliner, the way the lashes flutter when you blink, he notices it all. The way they go big when you are happy, and almost wet you are sad, and that cute frown of yours. Don’t dab too much of makeup on them, and you are set!

2. Your smile

He loves you when you smile and are all happy. Who wouldn’t fall for a girl looking all gorgeous smiling? Go and look into the mirror, and just smile. A natural one. Do not force a smile for you won’t look as pretty as you would when you will just smile!

3. Your hair

Agreed you have to work super hard to maintain a lustrous mane, but it is worth it! When you walk by with your hair falling on your back looking gorgeous, how can he not get attracted to you?.

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