5 Way to Make Your Marriage More Romantic

Way to Make Your Marriage More Romantic

Marriage is an institution that is both revered and also hated by many. People who do not like marriage are those who think that you do not need an official seal to your relationship. But a lot of people get married and they are in the majority. No one gets married thinking it is for a short while, many a times people get married because they have decided to spend their lives with someone. Marriage in most cases is long term and to stay happy for a long time in a marriage, you need to fill it with love and also romance. The mundane things about daily life usually kill off the love and the romance in a marriage. It is very important to bring in romance and up the factor now and then if you want to stay satisfied and happy with the same person for years. Here are some ways in which you can make your marriage more romantic.

1. Say I love you as many times as you can

The three simple words can go a long way in changing the nature of your marriage. You do not have to stop expressing your love for your partner just because you are married. Saying I love you makes you a romantic person and someone who can express their feeling without being embarrassed about it. Go ahead and say it as many times as you can in a day to make your marriage more romantic.

2. Get away on romantic trips

You can act like love smitten people and just get away to some place for a day or two without really planning. There is a lot of fun and excitement when you really have not planned anything and you just enjoy the trip as you make it.

3. Get dressed and go out

Take as much care in your dressing as you would have when you were single and planning to meet someone. Look gorgeous and go out to have a romantic dinner or a booze filled party. Sometimes doing stupid things like getting drunk and making out in the car can also make your marriage more romantic and exciting. Just make sure you do not create a nuisance in the whole process.

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