8 Best Ways to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

8 Best Ways to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

Wedding is dream come true for many women. It is the day when you want everything to be perfect. Obviously you want to look gorgeous on your special day. Here’s how you can achieve your dream by following these 8 ways to lose some weight before your wedding.

1. Curb those midnight hunger pangs

When you are in love, you love to whisper sweet nothings to your beloved till midnight. When you are talking to him on phone or chatting with him over internet, try not to munch on anything. Ditch this habit and you are sure to get rid of some extra flab.

2. Calculate calories before you consume

It doesn’t mean you need to sit down with a pen and paper to write the calories till the last decimal point. All you need to do is become aware of what you are going to eat. Start reading labels to get an idea about calories and fats present in different foods. Get an approximate idea of the number of calories you’ll consume when you decide to dig into your favorite dessert. It will help to decrease your appetite!

3. Enjoy parties by dancing, not by eating

Time before your wedding is marked by a celebratory spirit. So you can expect to be a part of many parties. Enjoy those parties by dancing, not by eating. That way you’ll be spending more calories instead of gulping those fatty party foods.

4. Join some dance class

Dancing is a very good way of exercising while enjoying some music. Besides, it will also serve the purpose of making you a good dancer so you can bedazzle everyone with your wedding dance. Joining a couple dance class with your beloved will give have extra advantage of giving you the opportunity to spend some fun time with your fiance.

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