8 Signs You’re Unknowingly Ruining Your First Date

8 Signs You're Unknowingly Ruining Your First Date

If you are too excited or nervous for your date, then chances are that you can unknowingly ruin it. Yes, it is true, excitement and nervousness can ruin your first date. Here are some signs which indicate that you’re unknowingly ruining your first date. Continue reading to know.

1. You try to fake your attitude

In the quest to impress your date, you might tend to fake your attitude. Faking your attitude can be a biggest turnoff for your date. If you want to create an impression on your date, then be true. Be as you are, faking yourself can end your chance of a second date as well.

2. You behave in an extra friendly manner

It is just your first date, so give it some time. If you act too friendly with him, then he would believe you to be over smart. You do not want that to happen, right? Go slow on your comfort level. Listen to what he has to say. Do not speak out of turn just to impress him.

3. You constantly feel nervous

Relax, it is just a date! There is no point in feeling nervous. If you are nervous, this would be a turn off for your date. Be confident and positive in your approach. Nervousness will only make the situation worse. It can also ruin a beautiful date.

4. You show signs of physical urges

Do not show signs of physical urges on your first date. This will only show your desperation. Do not try to touch him unnecessarily on the first date. When things will move forward, everything will fall into place. Maintain your stand and dignity.

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