Top 8 Turn Offs For Women

Top 8 Turn Offs For Women

Let’s imagine that you are out on a date with this guy. He’s good looking, he’s charming. For the past one hour of talking to him, you think that the two of you are pretty compatible as well. Maybe he’s the one and then-wham! Like a bullet shot from a gun, he does something that irritates you. It may be really small, but you just can’t seem to forget it. Within the next 5 minutes, you have concluded that this guy, who you thought was perfect for the past one hour, is actually a waste of time. Later, whatever he does is not enough because of that one thing that totally changed everything. We call that a ‘turn off’. Just like there are so many things that turn us on or lure us towards a man, there are so many others that do exactly the opposite. Let us discuss what they are.

1. Unhygienic behavior

Can we write this in bold and capital letters, with double inverted commas and two underlines on a T-shirt so that all the men can read and understand? We all like men to be rough and tough. In fact, a man suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder of cleanliness may look terribly gay. However, this does not mean that we get attracted to pigs! A guy who’s body stinks like rotten eggs has no sense of personal hygiene or community hygiene, doesn’t know what are table-manners and whose breath is similar to that of a dragon is straight out of a woman’s nightmare.

2. Bad temper

Men are supposed to be the protective ones. But that certainly does not mean that they go about throwing their temper drum rolls all the time. Protective means that we women should feel safe with the man, not scared of them. Yes, many a times, we women get attracted to the bad boys. But that does not mean that we would want to settle with them in the long run. A man who loses his temper for every little thing can scare the life out of us.

3. Insensitive

If there is one thing that we women really crave for in a man, it is sensitivity. We all want a man who understands us, cares for us, loves us and pampers us. When a woman has a bad day, all she wishes is to pour her heart out to the man she loves. And she expects him to listen and make her believe that he’s really feeling bad for her. That can make her feel really nice. So in that case, how can we possibly tolerate a man who is exactly the opposite?

4. Foul language

By foul language, we mean using the B’s, the F’s and all those words which are offensive. A gentleman never uses foul language in front of a woman he respects, no matter how angry or upset he is. Today, however, we see a lot of these men around who can’t get on with their day without using abuse words. Most women don’t like this. There may be some who may ‘tolerate’. But we don’t think there is any woman who would get turned on when she hears her man abusing.

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