Top 5 Ways To Help Your Child Cope Up With Studies At School

Top 5 Ways To Help Your Child Cope Up With Studies At School

‘My son Mathew always looks so stressed out when he comes back from school’ says Coleen, 36, with a glum face. ‘Maybe he’s not being able to cope up with the workload from school?’ points out Kim, Mathew’s school counselor. Coleen has taken an appointment with her son’s school counselor to probe into Mathew’s strange behavior for the past few days. Kim instantly recognized what the problem was. ‘All you need to do is help your child to cope with school’ she said. Kim shared these 5 tips with Coleen.

1. Keep a great home environment

After having a 30-minute long chat with Coleen, Kim figured that Mathew was being affected by the temporary disturbance in his parents’ relationship. ‘Having a peaceful, healthy home environment is critical. Fake it if you need to Coleen’ Kim advises. If your child is going to be distressed by coming back home, how in the world will he/she ever be happy at school?

2. Have realistic expectations.

‘Coleen, I’ve been scanning through Mathew’s report cards and I can clearly see his involvement with sports more than academics. There’s nothing wrong with it. I just hope you know his limitations and qualities well’. Kim is bang on friends. Help your child cope with school by expecting realistic things from him/her.

3. Talk to your child openly

We always wonder why parents forget basic things like sitting down and talking to their children. ‘Coping with stress at school is not only about studies. It could also be about peer pressure, fighting with friends or stressing about pocket money’, Kim explains to Coleen in her counseling session. ‘You’ve got to sit with Mathew for a chat and figure out where his problem lies’.

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