10 Ways To Impress A Girl

10 Ways To Impress A Girl

Trying to impress a girl is not easy. We girls are unpredictable. It is difficult to predict what could change our mind. Guys also have to be careful in their approach as we girls can smell a desperate guy from miles away. A little carelessness from a guy’s side and he will witness those three-inch heels running away from him. However, impressing a girl is no rocket science. Mentioned below are 10 simple ways how girls get impressed with guys.

1. Not Giving Too Much Of Attention

Now this is a tricky one! We like it if guys pay some amount of attention to us but nevertheless, keep it minimal. We girls, for some unknown reason, tend to get attracted to boys who don’t shower us with attention all the time.

2. Behaving Like A Gentleman

A well-mannered gentleman is always a turn on for every girl. Even small gestures like holding the door for us, serving us first when out on dinner or simply talking to us with respect will naturally get our attention drawn towards a guy.

3. Listening To A Girl

We girls love to talk. We would naturally find a guy who listens to us more appealing than the rest. So, a guy who does not interrupt while we are talking is the one we’d be impressed with.

4. Having A Good Sense Of Humor

If a guy manages to make a girl laugh, half of his work is done. Girls love boys who have a good sense of humor. A boy with a great sense of humor is on the wish list of almost every girl on this planet.

5. Maintaining Eye Contact

When a guy is talking to a girl, it’s expected out of him that he tries to look deep into her eyes instead of looking all over her or somewhere else. It shows confidence and also shows that he is seriously interested in conversing with her. If a guy manages to do that, the girl would surely be impressed.

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