Wondering What to Wear to Work? Easy Tips to Help You


What to wear to work is the first question that comes to your mind at many occasions, either when you are going to work for the first time, or have been to going to work for a long time or when you want to revamp your wardrobe or simply when you get bored of what you have been wearing until then. Understanding the difference between looking sexy and looking smart defines the difference between cocktail and business attire. The goal of every work attire is to project a confident, competent and professional image to the business world. 

Essentials of Business Wear

1. Depending upon your comfort, you can choose to wear trousers or skirts. Solid colors are important and having five pairs of the two or either is recommended by experts.

2. Get neatly designed shirts in pale colors with minimalist details. Avoid heavy ruffles and decorative elements. Remember you are going to work.

3. Get some formal jackets depending upon the number of meetings or conferences you ought to be attending and their frequency.  

4. You may wear a cardigan whenever you want to pull off a casual image at your workplace.

5. Get yourself some knit or shell blouses or tops. Make sure your tops are gawdy or have too many designs or prints. Pastel colors are welcome. Never indulge in bright and vibrant colors for work.

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