Top 5 Ways to Create A Positive Work Environment

Top 5 Ways to Create A Positive Work Environment

“A positive work environment boosts employee morale, employee productivity and helps in employee retention. As we all know, all these are great benefits to any company”, said Simone, 43, an HR manager at an international IT conglomerate. To help you find out more about how to create a positive workplace environment, here are a few excerpts from our chat with Simone.

1. Keep your communication lines open and constant

“One of the first steps that managers and owners must take to create a positive workplace environment is to develop effective lines of communication with all their employees on a constant basis”, said Simone. She also mentioned that if an employee hears about a change in the company policy from another colleague, rather than a formal note from his/her boss or manager, it would have negative repercussions.

2. Build trust with your staff by providing them opportunities to learn

What better than giving your staff opportunities to learn and further their knowledge in order to create a positive workplace environment? Simone too, had similar views. “Give your employees the opportunity to take up employee sponsored education with the clause that they will work for you for a certain period of time after their education is over”, she said. The fact that you are allowing your employees to grow in their own right will work wonders passively to create a positive workplace environment in your company.

3. Encourage team bonding

“Team bonding is the strongest tool that helps managers to promote and create a positive environment and also build team spirit amongst the employees. Social events for employees, even if they are in the form of a day out in the park, a game of baseball or simply a dinner meet on a Friday night are easy and fun ways to promote a healthy attitude amongst employees and to create a positive workplace environment”, said Simone. Point well made, we think.

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