10 Easter Games for Kids

7 Easter Games for Kids

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When Easter’s here, you can do lots of things like dressing up and heading off to church on Easter Sunday, decorating Easter eggs on Saturday and eating chocolate bunnies and candies. Apart from that, kids can enjoy their Easter by playing special Easter games as well. Find some fun Easter games for kids right here.

1. Easter Egg Race

You will need to color a number of eggs – suppose 20 for convenience. Color ten in blue and the other ten in red. Now line them up one after the other at a one foot distance and at the end of the line place a basket. There need to be two teams for this game and a leader for each who chooses one color. Now the leaders stand at the start of the line and are handed a spoon each. When someone says “go”, both of them spoon the eggs one by one and drop them into the basket. Two players from each side follow. The winner is the one who spoons all the eggs first into the basket. The winning side will be the one whose players won the most.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Hide things such as pink Easter eggs, a miniature Easter bonnet, a miniature chick, a packet of jelly beans and other things around your house. Make lists of such items and give one list to each child and tell them to find and get what’s written on the list.

3. Limbo Easter Game

This game can be played by older children and adults as well. You will need music and limbo stick. Play some fast music and make all kids stand in line to go under the limbo stick. Keep decreasing the space between the stick and the floor as everyone’s turn is done. The kid who gets the lowest without touching the floor wins.

4. Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Hide a good number of eggs painted in many colors and designs around your house and garden. Tell the kids to find as many as they can and collect them in a basket given to them. The kid who finds the most number of eggs is the winner. You can also play this game like the Scavenger Hunt.

5. Egg Roll

Give one hard-boiled egg to each child who has to take it from the starting point to the finish line. The ways in which the child can roll the egg are many including a spoon, their feet (whoever cracks the shell are out) or getting down on their hands and knees and pushing the eggs with their noses.

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