5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play Video Games

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play Video Games

Most parents have a pre-conceived notion that video games are bad for their children. The child should instead be playing outdoor, rather than spending all their free time in front of a screen. Well, several studies conducted by various experts and researchers have found that spending a few hours every week with a video game, definitely under adult supervision, may actually prove to be beneficial for your child. So, here are 5 reason why you should allow your kids to play video games.

1. It helps enhance problem solving abilities

Unlike television, where data is only taken in and there is barely any processing, even the simplest of video games would force your kid to think and process the data that he/she is receiving and then act accordingly. There is a large amount of simple and complex puzzle solving involved in any video game which will help in your child’s brain development.

2. It provides positive reinforcement

Almost every video game works on stages and levels. You complete a level, you accomplish a reward or something similar, and then you unlock the next level. This simple act helps to build your child’s willpower as well as risk-taking and risk-bearing abilities in a safe manner.

3. It teaches the value of team work

A huge number of video games have been released in the recent years which offer cooperative game-play option. In simple words, a group of people work together in a team to attain the objective. This teaches your child how to work in a team, and the value of team work.

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