9 Reasons to Quit Your Job

9 Reasons to Quit Your Job

Leaving a job ought to be a really thoughtful process. Any hastiness on your part can shatter your career to utter bits. You need to be confident and take a well informed decision before you put down your papers. Listed below are some valid reasons to quit your job.

1. You don’t like the work pattern

You come to office to work. And if you don’t enjoy the work itself, there’s no reason why you should not quit. Sometimes, it’s only after you start working, that you understand that the job is not meant for you.

2. You don’t like your boss

If you don’t like your boss or your immediate superior, it’s better to quit as soon as possible. In a suitable work environment, there may be numerous encounters between you and your boss. And if you think, the relationship is not heading towards the right direction, then it’s best to quit.

3. You want to start your own business

As soon as you think your bank balance is such that you can have people working for you, rather than you working for others, then that’s a valid reason to quit your job. However, you need to do a reality check on what kind of business you’re setting up, the financial resources you have, the backup plan and so on.

4. You are experiencing workplace mobbing

Workplace mobbing is not a new word anymore in the corporate sector. If you have coworkers and your superiors ganging up against you to push you out of the job for whatsoever reason, don’t even waste a second, sign the letter as soon as possible and get going. The fact that something like mobbing is encouraged in your workplace shows that the environment is unhealthy. And there’s no reason why you need to waste your talent in such a workplace.

5. You don’t have good future prospects

If the work you’re doing offers no growth opportunities, it is better to look for a company that offers you such future prospects.

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