5 Tips on How to be More Diplomatic

5 Tips on How to be More Diplomatic

Sun Tzu famously said “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. Disputes are a normal aspect of life. It may be fights within family, siblings, friends, coworkers, etc. There are two main ways to settle a dispute: force and diplomacy. Every dispute need not be settled by starting a war. Diplomacy can be used to gain strategic advantage and find a win-win situation for all the parties involved. Below are 5 tips on how to be more diplomatic.

1. Think before you act

Disasters can happen when you act without rational thinking. Before words come out of your mouth in a fight, think what will be the consequences. Anger makes us blind. It makes us immune to logical thinking. It is imperative that you control your emotions. Thinking about consequences helps us to keep our actions and words under control.

2. Fact focus

In a diplomatic negotiation, fact focus is very important. Prejudiced and biased thinking clouds our judgement. By concentrating the topics on concrete facts, fair conclusions will evolve. Fairness will make warring parties calm and introspective. Focusing on facts leads to justice based on truth. Misleading information should be carefully screened and avoided at all cost.

3. Use simple but effective language

Beating around the bush just leads to frustration, break down of talks and negotiations. Whatever point you want to put forth, put forward in a simple language which everyone can understand. This will avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding. You should employ a firm tone, which will leave no one in doubt of your intentions.

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