Top 5 Reasons Why Men Are Scared Of Marriage

Top 5 Reasons Why Men Are Scared Of Marriage

“Are men really scared of marriage?”, asked Amy, 22. “No way”, replied Joey, 25. “Of course you guys are”, replied Amy, with her gang of girls giggling behind her. “While Amy, Joey and their friends quibble about men being scared of marriage or not, let’s really probe this issue with all seriousness. Why are men scared of marriage?

Reason #1: More responsibility

“Of course men are scared of marriage because they don’t want the burden of having extra responsibility on their shoulders for one more person. Considering that they can hardly take care of themselves emotionally, physically and financially, the thought of one more person is obviously scary”, said Amy.

Reason #2: Loss of freedom

What Joey said in his defense of why men are scared of marriage also rings quite true to us. “We’re scared that we’ll lose our space and freedom of doing things by ourselves at our own time and convenience. You ladies wouldn’t like it if we went out for a drink with the boys every other day, right?”, he asked. We agree to this and think that’s a really good reason why men are scared of marriage!

Reason #3: Thinking for two people

“Another reason why men are really scared of marriage is because they have to start thinking, talking and behaving on behalf of two people instead of one. We can’t agree to impromptu holidays or unplanned expenses. Because after marriage, two people are involved, aren’t they?”, said Joey.

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