7 Reasons Why Walking is Good for Weight Loss

7 Reasons Why Walking is Good for Weight Loss

The best form of exercise is walking. Casual walk for thirty to forty minutes can do wonders for the body. Walking is perhaps the most convenient form of daily exercise. Displayed below are reasons why walking is most effective for weight loss.

1. Helps to burn calories

A daily walk routine can help to burn calories. Walking for thirty minutes a day can help to burn about three hundred to four hundred calories per day. A daily walk helps to burn 100 calories per mile. It is best to walk daily to maintain ideal weight of the body.

2. Helps to maintain a regime

Walking is an easily adaptable exercise as compared to other forms. Many women tend to skip gym sessions due to stress. Walking not only relieves stress, but also helps in weight loss. The easiest way to maintain weight and lose those extra calories is by walking an hour on a daily basis.

3. Helps to boost energy level

There could be a possibility of dehydration with other strenuous forms of workouts. This is not possible with walking. Walking helps in weight loss, but at the same time boosts your energy level. With burning calories, it helps to stay active and fit throughout the day.

4. Helps to decrease health risks

Walking helps to decrease the risk of health related diseases and infections. In fact, with weight loss it helps to maintain a normal heart rate. Walking for weight loss is good as it helps to stay active and fit. It burns fat, but helps to strengthen the immune system of the body.

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