Top 5 Hidden Wedding Costs That You Shouldn’t Leave Unaccounted

Top 5 Hidden Wedding Costs That You Shouldn't Leave Unaccounted

Tulip, 46, recently organized her younger sister Grace’s wedding and came out of it learning some major lessons. The most important of them being, the hidden wedding costs that might pop in the least expected areas. Read on to know more about these Dracula-like hidden wedding costs.

1. Delivery charges

“No vendors or suppliers are going to mention their delivery charges upfront”, said Tulip. “When we were planning for the infrastructure of the wedding, the chairs, serving tables, the flowers and the wine, we made a big mistake of only counting the written price on the suppliers’ brochure in our budget”, she added. In order to avoid this top hidden wedding cost, you might want to consider asking all the vendors about their delivery charges and then selecting their service.

2. Alterations

“Hmmm, so you’re merrily picking your own wedding dress, your bridesmaids’ dresses and deciding what your mum is going to wear. And you completely forgot that alteration costs for everyone put together are going to cost you more than the prices of those dresses!”, said Tulip sarcastically. “Grace realized that this was a terrible hidden wedding cost that they should have accounted for earlier”, she added. Friends, make sure you don’t commit the same mistake.

3. Tips and Tax

Another very unique hidden wedding cost that Tulip pointed out were the tips to be given to all the service providers, which includes cake delivery guys, hairdressers, coatroom attendants, church support staff, photographers and bartenders amongst many others. This hidden wedding cost may not come into view immediately because we associate tips with restaurants and never realize that tips for so many vendors could sum up to something massive. The same goes for sales and service tax. You get the shock of this hidden wedding cost only when you see the bills.

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