What to Look for In A Husband? These 6 Qualities!

What to Look for In A Husband? These 6 Qualities!

When thinking in terms of marriage, many women often wonder what to look for in a husband. To solve their query, we have listed a few qualities that most women want their husband to have. Perhaps, this list could help you find your perfect match.

1. Respect for women

A man who doesn’t respect woman isn’t a man at all. Every woman will want her husband to respect women and understand that they are indeed different from men. Every woman wants her husband to give importance to her suggestions, thoughts and wishes. Feminism must not scare him, and neither should he be afraid of being the macho man from time to time.

2. Sense of humor

Laughter is the best medicine, and so every woman will want her husband to possess a good sense of humor. He must be able to make his wife laugh when she is down and low. Doubtless, a lighthearted man who lives life with zest and enthusiasm will keep his wife happy forever.

3. Family values

Every woman will want a husband who has strong family values. Having kids and bringing them up must not seem like a burden to the man, but as a pleasure. He must be connected to his parents and siblings. A man who is a loner may not understand and appreciate the value of having a family and will never be a good father to his children.

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