Top 5 Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

So, you’re super cautious about the health foods you eat. You’ve tried all types of diets under the sun and are still on your way to try more. You’ve attempted to consume all sorts of protein shakes to build your core strength. But allow us to ask you this one question: Do you know about the health benefits of cinnamon? Have you tried this wonderful spice to maintain overall health? If not, you’ve come to the right place. For a health conscious person like you, knowing the benefits of cinnamon is going to be a great way to kick start your journey towards great health. Check out the health benefits of cinnamon.

Benefit #1: Great for Type II Diabetes patients

If you are a victim of Type II Diabetes or if you know someone who is suffering from it, you must recommend cinnamon to them. Consuming cinnamon in any form, whether it is quills, powder or extracts, will produce insulin in your body and reduce the LDL, which is bad cholesterol in your body. This will further reduce fatty acids in the bloodstream. Imagine the kind of health benefits you could avail by simply eating 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder everyday!

Benefit #2: Ideal for pain and inflammation of vessels

Do you know that eating recommended doses of cinnamon on a daily basis can relieve you from joint pain and mild arthritis? Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties that are said to relieve minor aches if 1 teaspoon of it is taken with honey every morning for breakfast. In fact, many cardiology experts too link the health benefits of cinnamon with lesser inflation of the heart vessels.

Benefit #3: Acts as an aphrodisiac

Have you ever smelt the cinnamon on the top of your coffee and observed its fragrance that goes straight into the head? Well, this is one top health benefits of cinnamon that has been largely undermined. Cinnamon helps to release the ‘happy hormones’ in your body and hence elevates your mood. You can use cinnamon as an aphrodisiac by sprinkling it on mashed apples, coffee, other milk based shakes and select soup servings. We think this is one of them most important health benefits of eating cinnamon because it not only enhances your sex life but also brings a change in your general lifestyle. A change that is for the better!

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