The Life Of A Celebrity. Is It Really Worth It?

The Life Of A Celebrity. Is It Really Worth It

Being a celebrity is the dream of many people across the globe. But have you ever thought of what price you will have to pay if you ever become a celebrity? Let’s find out.

Celebrities have to forget privacy

That’s right. Celebrities have virtually no privacy except within the confines of their homes. Don’t you see how celebrities are hounded by the paparazzi as soon as they step outside the doors of their houses?

Bad moments will be splashed across the tabloids

We think that one of the highest prices that a celebrity pays is that their bad moments are catapulted in the limelight. Can you imagine the aftermath of a celebrity being pictured drunk? The very next day, their pictures will be splashed across newspapers and websites. When celebrities take even one wrong step, they’re busted for life.

Celebrities cannot enjoy the little things in life

Grocery shopping with your partner, going to the movies with friends, going to the café in your pajamas on a weekend morning, doing the garden on a sunny day, a romantic date on the beach, taking the kids out for a walk and eating at popular but cheap local joints are some of the little things in life that celebrities cannot enjoy. They will be hounded by fans, photographers and reporters the minute they step out. Irritating isn’t it?

Every action has a consequence

As normal women, we all like to spend relaxed moments in public and let our guard down, don’t we? Celebrities, on the other hand, do not have this choice. They can’t afford to make passing remarks about other people. Can you believe this? They can’t even be publicly seen using a brand they don’t endorse? Every word they say and every move they make has a consequence. How annoying would that be?

Celebrities are under constant pressure

When you’re a celebrity, the public and the society starts expecting you to behave in a certain manner. We feel that this puts all celebrities under immense social pressure because the minute they don’t meet the expectations of the public, they draw negative criticism towards them. We’d hate to have to constantly meet expectations of behavior and performance. Wouldn’t you?

So you see, the life of a celebrity is not always glamorous and sexy. Celebrities often pay a big price and sacrifice a lot of the good things in life to become rich and famous. What would you prefer? The life of a celebrity under pressure? Or the life of a free woman?

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