6 Moral Values You Must Teach Your Children

6 Moral Values You Must Teach Your Children

Instilling the right values and morals in your children is your most important responsibility as a parent. It is a difficult task because morals are not something that you can teach your children out of a textbook. Only experience and timely advice can instill moral values in children. Here are the values that you must teach your kids when they are young.

1. Not to lie

One of the most important moral values that you should teach your kids is to never lie. Tell your kids that truth may seem bitter at first but it is always rewarded, where as lies may seem easy but they are always punished in the end. Also explain the nature of lies to them. It can be a white lie, bold lie, casual lie or a manipulative lie. They must be taught that lying also includes hiding something from someone.

2. Not to steal

Teaching your children not to steal is also one of the most basic moral values that should be instilled in them. Your kids should know that stealing is a crime legally as well as morally, whether they steal a small pencil or hundred dollars. Make it clear to your kids that stealing will always be dealt with heavy handed punishment.

3. Apologizing when they are wrong

Apologizing is not just a moral value but also a basic etiquette that all kids must be taught. You must teach your kids that apologizing is important not only to confess that they are wrong when they commit a mistake, but also to seek forgiveness and pay repentance. Teaching them the importance of apologizing will make them humble human beings.

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