Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Body Language To Flirt Well

 Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Body Language To Flirt Well

At social gatherings and elsewhere, you are often attracted to someone of the opposite sex and wish to start a conversation with them. However, like many other people, you are not able to convey your intentions quite well. This is because of the difference in the body language that people use to flirt. While two people may have the same intentions in their mind, their respective body languages can give a very different meaning to the other person. Therefore, when it comes to flirting, it is important to develop the right kind of body language to achieve the desired results.

1. Show confidence

Most people are attracted towards those who show confidence. While socializing, it is important to have a good body posture that commands respect and attention. Stand straight and tall without slouching, and sit with an attitude. Keep your shoulders well framed at all times, and talk at the right pace, without being too slow or too fast.

2. Dress to impress

Many times, people wear such clothes to parties and other events, which they feel are making them look good, but inside they are very uncomfortable with the attire. This discomfort often shows in the person’s body language, as she can be caught fidgeting with the clothes too often, or sitting or standing in an awkward posture because of the clothes. Don’t choose clothes that you are not comfortable in, as this will kill your confidence and impression both. Remember, it is about wearing comfortable clothes and making a style statement, rather than wearing stylish clothes and projecting discomfort.

3. Get the courtesies right

Social gatherings require some courtesies, social etiquette and table manners. It is best to be aware of all these by taking personality development training, so that you feel more comfortable in the environment. Once you are comfortable with any kind of environment, your confidence will get a boost. It would also become easy for you to flirt well with your body language.

4. Look, stare, just right

Of course, most of the fun begins with the play of the eyes. But that does not mean that you overdo it by looking at the person so much that he feels uncomfortable. Catching someone unaware subtly or giving the right hints with your eyes across the room is good enough for flirting.

5. Maintain the right amount of intimacy

You don’t want to get too close to a person while engaging in naughty, healthy flirting, lest they feel that you are getting too desperate or cheesy. Lean a little closer while talking, but don’t get into touching the person yet. It’s the feeling of ‘wanting to get close’ than getting close actually that makes the difference.

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