6 Fun Facts About the December Birth Flower

6 Fun Facts About the December Birth Flower

The birth flower for December is the Narcissus. It means that all the people born in December share this strong-scented flower as their birth flower. There are around 100 species of Narcissus flowers, including the wild hybrids. This pretty December birth flower is believed to have originated in Europe, North Africa and Asia.

1. Origin of name

It is believed by some that the name ‘Narcissus’ is assigned to the flower because of its narcotic properties. In Greek, the word ‘narkao’ means to grow numb. According to Greek mythology, it is believed that when Narcissus- the hunter, died, Apollo turned him into a flower ‘Narcissus.’ Narcissus, the hunter, became famous for falling in love with his own reflection. Hence the word narcissist. In any case, the name has Greek roots. The most common name for the December flower is ‘Daffodil.’

2. Physical appearance

The Narcissus plant mostly flowers in Spring season and is quite easy to grow indoors. Most species have a central disc-shaped ‘corona’ which is surrounded by six floral leaves, called the perianth. The three outer segments and three inner segments are called as sepals and petals respectively. The Narcissus flowers are available in various colors and are even grown as bi-colored and multi-colored flowers.

3. Symbolic meaning

The Narcissus symbolizes success, sweetness and good wishes. The flower also signifies self-esteem, celebration and wealth. Back in the Victorian era, the flower would symbolize a message of ‘faithful love.’

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