8 Women’s Beauty Rituals that Men Find Unnecessary

8 Beauty Rituals Women Do that Men Find Unnecessary

Men seem to find it difficult to wrap their heads around the idea of a host of beautifying rituals that women use day in and day out. There are so many beautification items that women deem as important and life saving while men just find it foolish and wasteful. Here are few things that get a ‘meh’ reaction from men but a ‘wow’ from women.

1. Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions serve no purpose according to men. They wonder why women spend their precious resources like time, money and efforts on fake extensions when they are hardly even noticeable. Although their opinion is somewhat similar about hair extensions and coloring, they feel those rituals are just a tad better than this one of eyelash extensions which really make no sense in their heads.

2. Nail art

Most men find women who indulge in nail art quite childish, immature, superficial and high maintenance. They would not think of the woman as a real, working and mature individual. What sort of thought process compels women to apply fake extensions that make their nails look like witches’ talons? Or pierce their nails? Or apply weird designs, stickers, colors and what not?

3. Wearing painful heels

Why do women make themselves undergo medieval style torture by buying and wearing abnormally high priced heels only to wince after an hour or so of wearing them and then removing them to dance? This is a question that has been on the minds of men since a long time and their thinking does make sense, as the idea of wearing towering, stylish but painful heels seem stupid. But women’s minds work in ways unknown to logic sometimes and so the reign of the heels continue.

4. Rouge or blush

Rouge or artificial blush tinted cheeks make women look like dolls according to men. They find these makeup products weird and unnecessary show of vanity which make women look fake.

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