Tips To Shop For The Bridesmaid Dress

Tips To Shop For The Bridesmaid Dress

The wedding season has arrived and it has arrived with a zing, as always! The fun, excitement and shopping that this season comes along with seems like a breath of fresh air. Besides the bride and the groom, bridesmaids are the ones who get all the attention during a wedding. They are the ones who are constantly under the spotlight, along with the bride. Hence, it’s important for bridesmaids to look their best during a wedding. Their dress should not just make them look beautiful but also complement the bride’s dress so that the bride stands out when all of them stand together. Hence, it’s important to be extremely picky when shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Here are a few things that must be taken into account while shopping for a bridesmaid dress.

1. Color

While choosing a bridesmaid dress, you must ensure that you pick a color that suits your taste. If you wish to have a conventional bridesmaid dress, you may go with the regular colors. But we’d suggest you to cut out from the traditional boring colors and try something new. There are so many colors to choose from that you’d nearly faint while taking a decision! Beautiful coral, periwinkle violet, dark black, deep red, sandy taupe, glittering gold, sage green, chocolate brown, royal blue, dusty rose and aquamarine blue are great colors for a bridesmaid dress. Choose your favorite color. If you’re just too confused about the color, you can always pick two shades of the same color for different bridesmaids. You can also mix and match two colors in the same dress.

2. Material

Satin is the most common material used for bridesmaid dresses. However, there are four other materials that are generally used to make bridesmaid dresses. If you want to try something other than satin, you can opt for silk, organza, chiffon or taffeta. Pick any one of them or simply mix and match them to create something different. Use different fabrics to stylize the bridesmaid dress further.

3. Design

If you find the material of the dress too simple to create an impression, you can glam it up by adding creative designs on it. Guess what, there’s a lot of variety over here! There is a myriad of designs to pick from. The simplest one is to use different materials to form designs on the dress. You can also use various embellishments on the fabric to create a unique design. Embellishments, if used in the right amount, will make the bridesmaid dress appear rich and classy. However, avoid using too much of embellishments. Remember the brides’s dress has to stand out from the rest.

4. Style

Keep the bridesmaids’ body type in mind when you pick a dress. The style that is most popular among bridesmaid dresses is the A-line dress. This style looks good on almost any body type, so it’s the safest bet. While a sleeveless dress is most popular, you can also go for halters, criss cross straps, noodle straps, tubes, turtle necks and off-shoulders. Apart from the conventional one piece and full length dresses, you can also go for short bridesmaid dresses and two piece dresses.

5. Accessories

Even if you go wrong with the dress, accessories will cut it all down and add sparkle to your dress. There is a huge variety of accessories to pick from. Barrettes, head accessories, jewelry, watches, bags and shoes are few accessories that you can use to enhance a bridesmaid dress.

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Hence, it’s important for you to choose only the best things. So, go out and shop wise. Have a lovely wedding!

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