Top 4 Cravings During Pregnancy

Top 4 Cravings During Pregnancy

There is no universal rule when it comes to pregnancy cravings. These differ from woman to woman and will keep changing for a woman during the course of her pregnancy. However, we attempt to list down some of the most common cravings during pregnancy.

1. Chocolate

Oh yes, chocolates can be really really tasty and mouth watering when you are pregnant. Especially very rich and sweet chocolates will allure you. You can have a chunk or two from time to time, but do not gorge yourself on them. Some chocolates have caffeine which is injurious and too much of sugar can cause problems too. So, ensure you do not eat too much of these. Ice creams, cookies and muffins may also be included in this list.

2. Spicy food items

You may want to eat very spicy and curry flavored food during your pregnancy. You can make them at your home and consume them. But too much of spice during the last months of pregnancy may induce labor, so be sure you consume limited amount only. Pickles are another food items that you may crave during pregnancy but you must certainly not give in.

3. Lemon and the likes

Liking lemon flavored items go with being pregnant. One reason could be because they do not cause any vomiting or nausea. Many women, who suffer from severe vomiting, turn to lemon and sour tasting foods during pregnancy. The strong flavored food may be a treat to the taste buds, which are usually at their peak during pregnancy.

4. Junk food

Yes, all that is bad for you and your baby – you may crave during the course of your pregnancy. Most women love to have hamburgers and coke during their pregnancy. Well, these foods certainly do not have any nutritional value and so you must stay away from them. If you really need to, indulge yourself from time to time but do not over do it. French fries and potato chips are another food items that you may crave but need to stay away from.

The key is to eat healthy and stay fit during pregnancy. If you crave for really harmful items like paint, soap or toothpaste, you must talk to your physician about it.

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