Tips To Choose A Dress For The Mother Of The Bride

Tips To Choose A Dress For The Mother Of The Bride

“Hmmm, so you’re looking for ideas for what your mother could wear at your wedding, right?”, said Karen, the wedding apparel store consultant. Amy was getting married in a month’s time and she was window shopping for her mother’s dress. She wanted it to be a surprise, so she didn’t bring her mother along. “Let’s walk through the store gallery. It’ll give you some great dress ideas for your mother”, said Karen, leading the way.

“Assuming that your mum doesn’t want to steal the limelight from you as the bride, why not choose this lovely ankle length evening gown in toned down shades of mustard, pale pink, beige or mauve, depending on her skin color?”, advised Karen. “If she has a good figure, she can wear an off shouldered gown. If she’s a little more conservative, she can opt for a full length, full sleeved evening dress”, she added. “What do you think Ms. Amy?”

“Hmmm, that’s interesting. Can you show me some more dress ideas for my mother?”, Amy inquired. “Of course. Follow me”, Karen said politely. She pointed towards a high rack, spreading out a lovely floral sundress. “A lot of women these days are opting for non-formal marriage themes like beach weddings. If you’re thinking of doing the same, a great dress idea for your mother would be this beautiful halter neck sundress. She can wrap a lovely thin sarong-like stole around it. Chunky accessories or flower decorations in the hair will look lovely too”, Karen suggested. Amy looked pretty impressed with Karen’s suggestions.

“And our range doesn’t end here, Ma’am. Have a look at some more options of dresses for your mother. Our in-house designers have specially designed removable Bolero jackets to go with short solid colored cocktail dresses. We’ve seen that many bride mothers prefer staid and somber colors over heavily bright ones. They like wearing their traditional pearl strings over their dresses”, Karen said. “Yeah, I see what you mean. I think my mom is of that type too”, Amy agreed.

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