8 Tips for a Happy Marriage After Babies

8 Tips for a Happy Marriage After Babies

More often than not, even the healthiest of marriages go through a rough phase after the birth of a child and the situation is equally hurtful for both partners. We give you some tips to ensure that you still have a happy marriage after you have babies.

1. Discuss how your life has changed

Having a baby is a big step forward and it is bound to bring a change to several aspects of your life. These changes will affect not just you but also your husband. Since you are both trying to come to terms with some emotional, physical, and mental stress, it is essential that you talk it out with each other. Share your feelings, fears, insecurities, and joys with your husband so that you can be a pillar of strength for each other.

2. Be patient

Know that your life has undergone a big change after the arrival of the baby. Once you know what you and your husband are going through and how it is affecting you and your spouse’s mental, emotional, and physical state, you must give each other some time to deal with any issues. You cannot expect your marriage to just instantaneously go back to the way it was before the baby. Patience is the key.

3. Share the responsibilities

Remember that you both are in this together. A baby is as much a mother’s responsibility as a father’s. It would do your marriage a world of good if you work as a team and do not let just one person bear the brunt of all the added responsibilities. When you equally divide the work, you earn each other’s respect and love, and this helps in strengthening the marriage.

4. Understand your sex routine

One of the major reasons why marriages becomes more strained after a baby comes in the picture is the way your sex life changes. You may feel continuously drained and may not have too many sexual feelings. You would love it if your husband just cuddled and kissed. On the other hand, your husband may desire that the frequency of sex remain the same as before the baby came. You must understand that neither of you are in the wrong here and if you both make some efforts and become more understanding towards how the other person is feeling, things can become smoother.

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