5 Things We Love About Paris Hilton

5 Things We Love About Paris Hilton

We really don’t know whether to call Paris Hilton a celebrity, a hotel heiress, an actress, a singer, an entrepreneur, a designer or a sex tape star because she’s really done it all. But we simply can’t deny the fact that we all love to talk about the life of Paris Hilton. Here are 5 things we love about Paris Hilton.

1. Paris Hilton is an entrepreneur

From designing purses to footwear to making perfumes, Paris Hilton is a true entrepreneur. The media can slam her as much as they like, but her entrepreneurial abilities are one of the many things that we love about Paris Hilton. It’s one thing to be famous but another to manage your stardom and put it to good use. And that’s where Paris’ entrepreneurial abilities have really shone.

2. Paris Hilton can sing

Critics can pin her down, but the fact that she had her very own album, definitely tops this list of things we love about Paris Hilton. What we really don’t appreciate is the fact that critics tried to demean her singing attempts simply because they were jealous of her fame and success. Paris Hilton’s very first album was at number 6 on the Billboard 200 and one of her singles was in the top ten lists in more than 15 countries. Amazing, isn’t it?

3. Paris Hilton bounced back after a sex tape

Have you ever thought of the position you’d be in if your video of indulging into sexual acts emerged on the Internet? It would be a horrible and devastating feeling, wouldn’t it? Well, Paris Hilton has gone through all that and still managed to bounce back from the emotional trauma of the whole world watching her perform sexual acts on her then boyfriend, Rick Salomon. The determination and struggle in the aftermath of the sex tape is one of the things that we love about Paris Hilton.

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