6 Great Stockings Stuffers for Kids

6 Great Stockings Stuffers for Kids

Your little one comes leaping to the couch and the well lit Christmas tree, looking for not just presents from Santa but to also find out what you have kept hidden this year in their stockings. You don’t want your child to be disappointed. There are amazing presents which can be quite creative and engaging. As it is popularly believed, good things do after all come in small packages. Here are 6 stocking stuffing ideas.

1. Jingling musical instruments

A small jingling present hidden inside your little one’s stockings will fill his day with musical joy. Whether you have a toddler or a kid under 6 or 8 years, a miniature musical instrument will appeal to their liking.

2. Weebles

These miniature boxes can be hidden like a joker in the juke box. Round toys with assorted characters, sports stars and doctors will also present an opportunity for your little one to role play and develop their speech.

3. Spin speller

This is a perfect educational toy for your pre- school kid. It easily fits into the stockings and kids will enjoy forming words and develop their reading skills.

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