3 Things That ‘Friends’ Taught Us

Three Things That 'Friends' Taught Us

‘Friends’, one of the most popular daily sitcoms ever aired on television, has been a part of our lives for 10 whole years. In those 10 years, the six friends made us laugh and made us cry. But most of all, they made us think about all those things that we thought were not important in our lives. Three of the main things that the six friends taught us are enlisted below.

1. Friendship

What could be a better lesson that this sitcom could give us than the lesson of friendship? We need friends at all the times in our lives. No matter what goes wrong or how we mess up our lives, it is our friends who stand by us and make it so much easier to forget our problems. They dance with us when we are happy, make us laugh when we want to cry but more than all of that, they love us for the people we truly are. In the series, you will see that right from the first episode, the six of them were super tight, even though they had their own set of ups and downs. They fell in love, got married, had breakups and divorces, switched jobs, embarrassed themselves, got fired, went bankrupt, became successful, met true love; but at the end of the day, they were always there for one another both in bad times and in good. And this is what true friendship is all about.

2. Love

They say love is one of the best feelings ever experienced. In most movies, love is shown to be like this fairytale. But, the real scene is, we are no heroes here. We are common people, facing our own set of confusions about the relationships we have in our lives and the feelings we have within us. This sitcom did not show us a far-from-reality kind of fairytale romance. Instead, they showed us failed relationships, heartbreaks and confusion that a person faces until they finally come across their soul mate. The love story of Ross and Rachel is one such example. Each of them had their own share of failed relationships. Take for example the number of divorces that Ross had. However in the last season, he finally meets true love in his very own friend, Rachel. Similarly, Chandler and Monica had to face several hurdles in relationships, before they finally realized that their search for true love was to end in each other.

3. Hope

This is the last but the most important lesson that ‘Friends’ managed to teach us. They taught us that no matter what happens in life, hope must never be lost. Once you lose hope in life, everything is lost. ‘Friends’, although a sitcom, was not a show where they showed unrealistic happiness and unwanted drama. Everyone faces problems and has their own share of insecurities. In ‘Friends’, the characters were as human as us, having their own set of flaws and making horrible mistakes in their lives, just the way we do. But one thing that remained constant throughout the season is the fact that they never ever lost hope. It was this hope that always kept them clinging on to life with the same zest as always. Finally, they were always there to pull each other up, even if one of them would fall.

The story of six friends and how they dealt with their lives, was surprisingly so interesting to watch. Somewhere down the line, all of us saw a little bit of ourselves in them. The show is already missed so much by all of us. Even as time passes, we will continue to miss watching our favorite six friends. Thankfully, we have the lessons they taught us and the memories of watching them to stay in our hearts forever.

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