Pranks That Twins Can Pull On People

Pranks That Twins Can Pull On People

Twins can play a number of hilarious pranks on people. If you are lucky enough to have a twin, there are a number of crazy things you could do. Your face gives you an unfair advantage over others in pulling pranks so effortlessly. Check out some of the pranks that you and your twin can play and make people around you go nuts.

1. Create a haunted house

One of you can invite someone to your house for dinner. Make sure that they are not aware that you have a twin. Also make sure that they come alone. When they come, make arrangements to make your house look really spooky. For example, less lighting and black curtains will be very helpful to create such an ambiance. Now when they enter, the two of you can totally freak them out by one of you coming out of one door and the other one going out through the other door. This prank will leave your victim jaded and freaked out! However, make sure that you don’t go too far with this as it can be fatal. A prank after all is a prank; nothing bad should happen because of it. Play it under adult supervision.

2. Attend each other’s jobs

In our high school days, I remember sending my twin sister to babysit while I took up her job as a waitress. Are you too sick of going to work everyday? Well, this will work so well for both of you. Sometimes, the two of you could switch jobs. In this way, both of you will get a change, understand each other’s lives better, get more work experience and nobody will even come to know about it. Now tell me who else can do this?

3. Play a prank on your boyfriend

Add some spice to your romantic life by playing a prank on your boyfriend. On a date, simply send your twin to meet him and then when he is all settled, you can suddenly make your grand entrance. Looking at his face itself will be such a laughter riot when he finds out that he was with your twin all the while.

4. Attend social functions

Apart from the above pranks, if you are not in a mood to attend some important social function, you can request your twin to go in your place. In the same way, different places, where it is obligatory for you to be present, can be attended by your twin when you’re really caught up.

I know how awesome it is to have a twin because I remember all the crazy things that me and my twin sister would do together as kids. Having a twin is actually a blessing, even if you two together, with your whole mischievous attitude, are a curse for the others around you. Just kidding!

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