8 Nice Ways to Ask for a Guy’s Number

8 Nice Ways to Ask for a Guy's Number

If you have a crush on a guy and have started talking to him recently, the next step would obviously be to ask for his phone number. This can open up a lot more possibilities and lot more chances to converse with him. However, asking him the right way is tricky. You don’t want to sound too desperate because most guys don’t like desperate girls. You would like to be as classy as possible while maintaining a nonchalant demeanor. Here are some ways in which you can try asking him for his number.

1. Ask him directly

Some guys will absolutely love it if girls don’t play around with them. Going straight up to him and asking him for his number isn’t such a bad option. You can always add something cheesy like, ‘I would like to get your number in my contact list, without really getting down to using something cheesy.’ This will work if you have talked to the guy a couple of times already and he isn’t really wondering who you exactly are.

2. Invite him to a party

If you are going for a movie or going to host a house party, it gives you a good opportunity to ask the guy for his phone number. You can say, ‘A few of us are making plans to go to a movie. I could call you if you can give me your number.’ Most guys wouldn’t mind joining. You can also say, ‘We are planning this house party. Do you want to come over?’ If he says yes, you can ask for his number in the pretext that you will inform him about the exact location of the party.

3. Ask for help with lessons

If he is someone who is particularly good about one of the subjects you take at college, it makes your job extremely easy. You can talk about how you are having trouble trying to understand the subject. Most guys are happy enough to help out, especially if it is a girl. You can then ask for his number saying, ‘If I could have your number, I can call you with my doubts.’ It is hard to believe a guy would refuse to give his number when asked so nicely.

4. Find out about his interests

If he has been waiting for movie tickets or for concert tickets and you can call favors to get those tickets, you get a genuine opportunity to ask for his number. You can say, ‘Hey, let me have your number. If I can get the tickets, I will give you a ring.’ He will be elated with the concern that you will show him.

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