6 Things You Must Know About IVF

6 Things You Must Know About IVF

In-vitro Fertilization is a blessing for thousands of women who cannot have babies the natural way. Women may not be able to have a kid with their partners and some may want to have a kid on their own without having to get married. In such cases they opt for the IVF treatment. Although many people go through the procedure every year and have kids, it is not something that everyone can go through and there is also no guarantee that you will get pregnant or have kids as soon as you go through the treatment. Sometimes you will get kids on the first go and many times you may have to keep up with the treatments for a long time before you get pregnant.

1. There are heightened chances of you having more than one kid

When you go through the IVF procedure to have a baby, you should be prepared to carry more than one as there are heightened chances that the egg implanted will fertilize into more than one baby. Triplets are very common and some women even have had sextuplets.

2. It is a very expensive procedure

Before you decide to go on this treatment, make sure you have enough money to cover all the expenses as this is usually a very expensive procedure and cannot be afforded by everyone.

3. Know if your insurance or health policy covers this

Not many insurance and health policies would cover the expenses incurred during the IVF procedure. Either go for a policy that would cover it or make sure you are covered before you get into the procedure. It is always better to know your financial position before you commit to the treatment.

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