6 Reasons Why Some Women Like to Remain Single

6 Reasons Why Some Women Like to Remain Single

A growing number of women are choosing to remain single these days. This could be just a matter of choice or due to a deliberate reason. If you are wondering why many women choose to remain single, here are a few reasons.

1. A strong career focus

A lot of women are known to believe that dating is a waste of time. They think that knowing a man to eventually break up with him after a fight takes away a lot of time and effort on their part. These women would rather invest that time in their careers, which is guaranteed to give them productive results. This is one of the common reasons why career oriented women choose to remain single and get more satisfaction from their career instead of a man.

2. A bitter experience

When women get into relationships, they invest all their emotional energies into it. This is the reason that they may come out terribly scathed from a relationship that turns bitter. A woman may choose to remain single if she has recently put a sour breakup behind her or if she has seen close female friends or family members pass through horrible experiences in relationships.

3. Looking for the right man

Women generally have varied imaginations of the kind of man they want to date or spend their lives with. They would like their men to have particular characteristics or behavioral traits. And if their Mr. Right falls short of these qualities, they may also be disappointed. If a woman is too selective about the traits she wants in her man and knows that she is not ready to accept anything less than what she expects, she may deliberately remain single.

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