5 Things to Remember About the True Spirit of Christmas

5 Things to Remember About the True Spirit of Christmas

Christmas as we celebrate it today has a product of metamorphosis. Molded by different times, situations, and people and twisted according to the wants and fantasies of people in power, corporate, institutions, the biggest and the most powerful of them being the church. Celebrating Christmas with so much pomp and glitz, many tend to forget about the true spirit of Christmas and what it exactly means. It has become a celebration, not that there is anything wrong with it; but only that it would make more sense for people to know more about the true origins for the celebration. Here are some things that we need to remember about the true spirit of Christmas.

1. Christmas is all about love

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the son of god in the trinity and that god gave his only begotten son because he loved the people. The birth of Christ signifies love more than anything; the love god had for his people. Learning from this, we should think of Christmas as the time to share and spread love and not hatred.

2. It is about humility

Jesus Christ, the son of god was not born in a palace but in a manger. His entire life and teaching too centered on being humble and simple in life. When we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, this is one more thing we ought to remember-humility. We should learn from his birth and life that no matter who we are, we should be humble and respect others for what they are.

3. It is a time for giving and receiving

Christmas is a time when we think of the people who are less fortunate than us and we share what we have with them. It is also a time when we receive love from others. A gift does not necessarily have to be a material thing. This is something we should remember about Christmas-it is about the joy of giving and receiving and not about the gifts themselves.

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