7 Things You Can Do With Your Android Phone

7 Things You Can Do With Your Android Phone

Do you have a Smartphone with android operating system? Well, then there are many things that your phone can do. Do you know about all the things that you can do with your android phone? Listed are some things that you might not know. So, continue reading the post below to know more.

1. Manage all files

Just like your laptop, you can manage all your files and folders in your android Smartphone. There is a separate file manager option which lets you edit everything under a single option. You can also download the file explorer application for sorting of your files and pictures on your Smartphone itself.

2. Swype type

Do you know every android Smartphone has a swype type feature that lets you type in seconds? You just have to select an alphabet and it helps you complete the line through this feature. Many people use this for chatting. If you haven’t explored this option yet, then do select it from your typing option on your Smartphone.

3. Take a screenshot

Take a screenshot of everything on your phone. Like, if you are on a particular application, and you want to show it to your friend, then simply take a screenshot of that application and send it to your friend via chat application. It is really simple that way. Share anything that you want with a screenshot.

4. Voice search

To make things easier, android also offers you the feature of voice search. If your phone is fully loaded, then naturally you will have a very tough time looking for things. But, with the option of voice search, everything becomes a tad simple. You can simply search anything on your device with your gesture and voice.

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