5 Ways to Pamper Skin Before Bedtime

5 Ways to Pamper Skin Before Bedtime

Your skin is exposed to a lot of elements throughout the day. There is the dust and pollution that it has to endure when you venture out and there is also always the ever persistent sun that can do some serious damage to your skin. It is only during the night that your body and skin get the adequate rest that they need. When you pamper or take good care of your skin right before you go to sleep, you take the first steps in having a good, healthy skin for a long time. It does not matter how old or what gender you belong to. Everyone needs to take care of their skin to keep it young looking and glowing for a long time. Here are a few ways to pamper your skin before you hit the bed.

1. Remove makeup before you go to sleep

It is very important that you remove whatever makeup you are wearing before you go to sleep. Sometimes washing your face alone is not enough as you might use a makeup that is water resistant. Use a makeup remover to get rid of the chemicals in your skin. Take special care to remove any eye makeup that you might be wearing.

2. Use a scrub

You can either buy a facial scrub in a store or make one yourself, but you have you scrub your skin well before you go to sleep, as a good scrub takes away any remnants of makeup. It also removes the dirt from your face and the body and opens up the pores so your skin can breathe easily.

3. Exfoliation

It is definitely time consuming and many do it just on the face. But it is important to exfoliate the whole of your body as it is not only the face that is exposed. Exfoliate twice or thrice in a week to remove the dead cells from your skin and make it glow. Skin also stays healthy when you rid it of the toxins.

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