5 Things to Know About the Thigh Gap Trend

4. Wanting it badly can seriously damage your health

If you are someone who has been dieting and exercising to have the thigh gap or of you have a teenage daughter who is obsessed with getting the thigh gap, know that you will be seriously damaging your health in doing so. If you know your daughter is obsessed with it, it is also time you had a serious talk with her.

5. It is not a realistic figure

A figure that has a thigh gap is not really realistic. For a majority of women who are at their fittest, the thighs maybe touching. They would still look gorgeous. The thigh gap trend has made a lot of girls and women miserable in wanting a body that just isn’t right for them. It is just like looking at a Barbie doll and wanting a figure like the doll.

The thigh gap trend can be pretty dangerous for girls and women who do not really think about the health effects and the eating disorders that are associated with it. The thigh gap will soon go out of fashion just like everything else and one does not need to spend too much time and energy on it.

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