8 Signs He is Possessive and Controlling

Signs He is Possessive and Controlling

A good and happy relationship can make all the difference to any kind of stress in life. But when a relationship itself is the cause of stress, then you’d find life tough to handle. A boyfriend can make you feel special but sometimes he can get possessive. A wee bit of possessiveness can make you feel happy but watch out for the signs if he is overly possessive and controlling.

1. He does not treat you with respect

While respect is not the foremost attribute of a relationship, every individual must be respected for their likes and dislikes. And when a man turns disrespectful towards you or even his former partners, then he is likely to turn abusive. If he puts your opinions down or behaves rude with you in front of others, then you should be aware of these as warning signs.

2. He indulges in unwanted shows of generosity

All women like a generous man. But, sometimes unwanted generosity can make you feel uncomfortable. Watch out for the phase thereafter. These acts of generosity could be building blocks to expectations that you need to be indebted to him. Plus, pretense is always a bad attribute in any relationship because it is false.

3. He calls and texts you every other hour

Receiving a call or a love message from your boyfriend will make you feel important, special and desired. But multiply those calls and messages by 10 and on an everyday basis, they are sure to drive you insane. That is not love; that is possessiveness and a need to exercise control. He is trying to show his insecurity and wants to know what you are up to.

4. He has no other relationships

When you begin to feel that your boyfriend seems to have no other important people in his life like friends, family or colleagues that he talks to, then there is something wrong. Every individual needs to have his share of relationships and not be overly dependent on just one person. If your boyfriend is so, you need to watch out for him and his behavior.

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