8 Things to Do When Your Feelings are Hurt

8 Things to Do When Your Feelings are Hurt

Hurt feelings can be a result of your boyfriend breaking up with you, best friend fighting with you or parents arguing with you. No matter what your reason for feeling hurt is, don’t bottle it all up inside your heart until you feel like exploding. Here are a few simple things that you can do to feel better.

1. Eat ice cream or chocolate

Eating anything sugary sweet is the easiest way to uplift your mood temporarily. If you want to get some fresh air, go out to an ice cream parlor to grab your treat. Alternatively, you can also tuck inside your comfortable bed to eat your favorite hot and gooey chocolate at home.

2. Dance to music

A large part of letting yourself go has a lot to do with shaking it off physically too. If you have been nursing a wound from too long, let go of it by putting on some loud music and dancing to it like no one is watching. This may turn out to be very therapeutic for you.

3. Take a hot water shower

If you have been sulking in your room for too long because of a hurting heart, a hot water shower may be exactly what you need. Let the hot water refresh and rejuvenate you mentally and physically. Gathering your thoughts in the shower will also help you to put things in perspective.

4. Talk to your best buddy

Have you had a rough fight with your boyfriend? Has your sister told you off in front of your family? No matter what the cause of your hurt is, letting it out on your best friend will help you to lighten up instantly. Pick up the phone and empty your heart out right away.

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