5 Things to Know About the Thigh Gap Trend

5 Things to Know About the Thigh Gap Trend

The trend that is driving many girls and women crazy and is gaining so many followers these days-the thigh gap trend is nothing fancy; it is the gap between your upper thighs when you stand upright with your feet together. There has been a lot of noise made for and against the thigh gap trend and it is virtually everywhere, from pin interest, twitter, Facebook to Tumblr and Instagram. It is not only teenage girls who are affected by this trend but also mature grown women who see thigh gap as being the perfect look. This however is a dangerous trend that should be avoided and there are so many things that everyone needs to know about this trend. Here are a few disturbing thing about the thigh gap trend.

1. Not everyone can have a thigh gap

Even if you are rail thin and starve yourself, you still may not be able to have the thigh gap. Having a thigh gap or gap between your upper thighs is mostly due to your shape of the hip and the bone structure and has very little to do with your weight. Starving does not really help one get the thigh gap. You just have to have a body that is suited to it.

2. Wanting it is a reflection of a poor body image

Thigh gap is a trend that has been advertised by magazines and they mostly have unbelievably thin and lissome models on their covers. Most of these models have a natural body shape that’d let them have the thigh gap. Looking at them and wanting a similar thigh gap will only make you miserable and would be a reflection of the poor body image that you have.

3. It is not a new trend

The thigh gap trend is nothing new. It has been in vogue since the early seventies and probably much earlier than that. Just like everything else in fashion, this trend has made a comeback and by the looks of it, it is going to stay for a while.

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