9 Things to Do If You Want to Live For 100 Years And Beyond

9 Things to Do If You Want to Live For 100 Years And Beyond

‘May you live a 100 years’. You must have been blessed like this on numerous occasions. But, do you really wish to live for more than 100 years? Want to know what you need to do to live beyond 100? Here are some tips which have worked for actual centenarians to squeeze in more time on Earth.

1. Keep yourself physically active

A 100 years is not a small journey friends! Remaining physically active is the key to a long and healthy life. Exercising your joints every day helps a lot in the long run. Fix a schedule and follow it diligently. Ride your bike and walk half a mile at least to gear up yourself for a fit and fine hundred.

2. Focus on your diet

A famous quote says, ‘a man is what he eats’ and it’s rightly so. Make the 100 year mark by consuming lots of greens and olive oil in your diet. Not only are they light on your digestion but also provide fibers essential for cleansing your system and lowering cholesterol. Garnishing every meal with a dash of olive oil reduces coronary risks.

3. Have fish

Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, sea food truly sharpens your mind. Including fish in your daily diet will build up your store of antioxidants and fat soluble vitamins which keep you from aging early.

4. Be optimistic

A positive outlook can work wonders for your health. Believe that ‘this too shall pass’ Conquer obstacles and revel in the good times. Look forward to every single day with an open and optimistic mind.

5. Oil your brain regularly

Don’t let the dust settle on your brains. Fire up your nerves and charge those neurons. Solving puzzles, completing crosswords, playing chess and scrabble are few easy ways to put the brakes on mental aging. Make this effort so that you remember that you have turned hundred.

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