4 Reasons Why Girls Become Mature Faster than Boys

4 Reasons Why Girls Become Mature Faster than Boys

It has long been a complaint against men that they take at least a decade and sometimes more to reach the maturity levels of women. Almost every woman has a complaint against her boyfriend or partner or even the husband about spending too much time with the video games even when they are over forty. Although it remained a myth for long, new scientific studies have proven that it is indeed true that girls actually mature faster than boys. It makes you want to believe that there is some logic into women marrying men who are older than them. Feminism and sexism aside, it does make sense for the women to marry an older guy as that would ensure that they have had a few years to mature like the women or at least catch up with the maturity levels of the women. Here are some reasons as to why girls become mature faster than boys.

1. Restructuring happens earlier in girls than in boys

The restructuring that happens in every individual as they grow has been scientifically proven to happen earlier in girls than in boys. This restructuring helps in sorting out the important things in life from the less important ones. This may explain why girls in general tend to do less idiotic things and get into trouble when they’re younger and why boys are always up to some mischief.

2. Girls attain puberty faster than boys

It is also a fact that girls attain puberty much faster than boys. While some girls may attain puberty as early as 5 or 6; the general average being 9-11, with boys it generally takes longer and normally this does not bring about any life altering changes in them like it does with girls. Attaining puberty at an earlier age also helps condition girls to their environment faster and helps them grow more mature faster than the boys.

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